Roadside Assistance

We are there to assist you on the road at all times.

The I-515 or any other highway in Nevada becomes deserted during the later hours of the evening. So do the roads within Vegas city. If you are faced with an emergency, such as a flat tire or dead battery, you might not find help always.

As such, it’s natural for you to feel helpless and alone in such situations. A sense of panic sets in. It can be extremely frustrating and scary to stand alone or with your family on the highway with no help around. This is where you need to think pragmatically and look for towing near you.

Enter Vegas Car Towing, your assistant during difficult road situations. We know how it feels to be stuck in such a situation. Unlike other local towing companies, we believe in taking prompt actions to help people stuck on the road. It could be a technical glitch in the vehicle or a collision between two vehicles. We can help you tow it.

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Every roadside situation that you may face, be it an accident or engine failure or dead battery, is a difficult predicament. You will need a professional who will be able to understand the situation. You can trust us in this regard. We come to your rescue with our quick and efficient roadside assistance in the form of our cheap 24-hour towing services.

No matter where you are and what time of the day it is, Vegas Car Towing will be there at your service. Our drivers have good mechanical skills and technical know-how of automobiles. Be it a car, motorcycle, mini-truck or SUV, our drivers can tow almost all small to heavy vehicles. They can quickly assess your situation and provide an appropriate solution to the problem.

You may think that the problem is with your vehicle’s battery but what if the real problem is the engine? It’s natural to make wrong assumptions, especially if you are not so automobile-savvy. Hence, our drivers prove helpful when you are in a sticky roadside situation.

Our drivers make sure that they pick up the necessary equipment and tools from our service shop before hurrying to the scene. They keep calm and show a good presence of mind during critical times. Who knows, we could solve the issue right there and then?

Is there an electrical glitch in the car? Don’t worry; we have the skill to solve the toughest of them.

Are your alternators not functioning properly? Relax, we will provide you a new one on-site so that you are back on the road without safety concerns.

Are your brakes failing? We can fix it for you then and there. Our drivers can fix a leaky brake line without towing your car, hence providing an easy way out of your predicament.

Air conditioner conked out? We will be there to fix it, even if you call us to the middle of the desert.

A flat tire got you stuck somewhere? We will get a spare tire and fix it without wasting any more of your time.

No matter what your situation is, Vegas Car Towing will there to assist you. Even if it’s the wee hours of the day, our drivers are always ready for duty. They understand that getting stuck with family on the highway at odd hours can be dangerous. Hence, we take prompt actions as soon as we receive your call.

We are proactive in solving problems, a trait seen from the fact that out towing trucks are always set with necessary tools and equipment. We have an arsenal of auto re-entry tools that can help you recover your keys after you locked them inside the car by mistake. Our fleet of hook and chain tow trucks can haul any small to heavy vehicles without damaging them at all.

As soon as you find yourself in a difficult situation on the road, just reach out to us. Our customer care agent will help you navigate the initial procedures while our towing team rushes to you. Our agent will ask you:

If your emergency flashers are on or not.
If you have set out reflective triangles or flares.
To stand in front of your car while you wait for our team.
To take your vehicle off the road.
Don’t panic whenever you are faced with a tough situation on the road. Get in touch with us at (insert number) and our team will be right there for your assistance.

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