No matter how dedicatedly we follow traffic rules, certain roadside situations are unavoidable. One such situation is vehicle impoundment, which is pretty common in Nevada. Since not everyone is aware of vehicle impounding rules, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Government agencies may impound a vehicle due to unresolved parking or moving violations, illegal use of the vehicle or absence of a qualified driver.
  • The agency takes possession of the vehicle and puts it in an impound lot.
  • In case of default by the owner regarding clearing necessary dues, the vehicle is auctioned. The costs related to the auction process are deducted from the proceeds, and the rest of the amount is given to the owner.

In case you are stuck in a situation where an agency impounds your vehicle, you should know that you, as the owner of the vehicle, have to incur the towing costs, which can be a whopping sum.

Not to forget you have to talk to the impounding officials regarding various formalities, which only add to your stress level. At the same time, the safety of your vehicle adds to your concern.

Quick pick tow truck towing red sedan

We come into the picture whenever an impounding agency requires a local towing service. As soon as we are intimated about a vehicle impounding situation, we dispatch our towing experts to the location without any delay.

We maintain a fleet of well-equipped, fully-integrated tow trucks, which ensure that your vehicle reaches the impounding lot safely. Our expert drivers will make sure that your vehicle is handled with utmost care while it is being towed. So you do not need to bother yourself over the safety of your car at all.

Reliable and affordable service

Although the legal consequences of vehicle impoundment cannot be avoided, we come forward to share at least a part of the hassle by providing you with cheap towing services that do not burn a hole in your pocket.

Unlike most local towing companies, we follow the local towing rates while pricing our vehicle towing services, ensuring that you get the best service at a reasonable rate. We believe in keeping our services affordable for both individual vehicle owners and government agencies so that we continue to be the preferred choice for everyone.

Our drivers are skilled, knowledgeable, and most importantly, empathetic, a trait which people in trouble expect from a professional company.

Whenever you are faced with a vehicle impounding situation, simply search for “24- hour towing near my location”, and you will find our car towing service. No predicament is big enough if you have the right people backing you.

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