Emergency Towing

Emergencies come uninvited, we can help.

There are times when you are so pre-occupied with work or household errands that you lose track of important things. You drive into the parking lot of a building with n number of things running through your mind. You turn off the ignition, step out of your car and slam the door shut. Hang on! You may have forgotten something inside, your car keys… And if you don’t have a spare on you, you are stranded!

Getting caught up in such a situation can be annoying, especially when you have a long day planned ahead of you. You certainly don’t have the dexterity or equipment to open the car door yourself. In such a crisis, all you need is a professional locksmith to help you out.

Consider a worse situation. You are stranded alone on the highway because your car broke down. It is quite frustrating and scary to be stuck in such a situation. But, as difficult as it may seem, just think practically, and call for professional towing help.

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You can count on us

As a professional car towing service provider, we are always ready with our team of qualified towing experts who know all about vehicle recovery strategies. Our tow truck drivers are experts and are extremely automobile savvy.

Our fleet of towing trucks ranges from the common flatbed tow trucks to wheel lift tow trucks, all equipped with features that suit different vehicle towing requirements. We also have integrated tow trucks to help you with heavy-duty lifting and towing, all of which ensure complete safety of your vehicle. So the next time you get locked outside your car, or need your damaged car towed away in an emergency, don’t look further than Vegas Car Towing.

Round the clock service

Emergencies tend to strike at the most unfortunate hours. But our 24-hour towing service has you covered. No matter the time of the day, or the sort of car-related emergency you are stuck in – be it a flat tire, lockout, flat tire or an empty tank – our towing experts will walk you through the situation smoothly.

We are concerned about each of our clients. This is why we always take timely actions, to make sure you aren’t stranded for too long. Our prompt response to emergency situations sets us apart from many other local towing companies in Las Vegas.

We always offer a little bit extra

Our duty does not end after we tow your vehicle to its destination. We will also spare you the hassle of negotiating with your insurance providers by taking the entire responsibility on our shoulders. In case you meet with an accident, we will notify your insurance provider and ensure that your vehicle reaches them quickly and safely.

So the next time your vehicle breaks down in Las Vegas, give us a call, we will get a truck on the way to you as soon as possible.

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